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Les Miserables Cast List

Les Miserables Cast List

From the director, Doug Rogers:

“You are a superbly talented group of performers and I would count it a privilege to work with you on this wonderful production of Les Miserables. I apologize in advance for casting some of you incredibly fine people as harlots or a pimp. We must let the audience see the dregs of misery to truly appreciate Les Miserables’s glorious story of God’s grace. Please think about your casting and message me, as to your acceptance or declination, within the next 24 hours. Keep in mind that all roles are offered conditionally – conditions being that (1) you prove to be excellent in all the demands of the part and (2) are faithful at rehearsals and follow direction well. Any changes made in this casting will be made at the discretion of the director and most likely would involve moving an existing cast member into the then-vacant role. The two people not cast are indispensable to me in other ways which made it impossible for me to put them on the stage, worthy as they are.”

Les Miserables Casting

Jean Valjean TBA
Javert Justin Sanders
Bishop of Digne Kevin Doss
Bishop’s Sister Janet Bland
Fantine Hillary Gray
Factory Foreman Cole Howerton
Factory Soloists
Worker 1 Casey Doucet
Worker 2 Kelly Rowland
Woman 1 Nikki Burch
Woman 2 Jade Perkins
Woman 3 Kayla Foster
Girl Tyler Rega
Lovely Ladies Soloists
Sailor 1 Joshua Scales
Sailor 2 Jonathan McCollum
Sailor 3 Rico Vasquez
Old Woman Janet Bland
Harlot 1 Cydney Hines
Pimp Paul Burch
Harlot 2 Gabrielle Johnson
Harlot 3 Louise Van Mook
Bamatabois Michael Muffaletto
Thenardier Joey Nortman
Madame Thenardier Anne Lilyquist
Young Eponine Lila Grace Reynolds
Young Cosette Whitley Hoyland
Gavroche Rhys Howeth
Montparnasse Sam Arisco
Babet Brandon Rhodes
Brujon Cole Howerton
Claquesous Jacob Wills
Enjolras Milton Hardin
Grantaire Joshua Scales
Feuilly Jonathan McCollum
Courfeyrac Rico Vasquez
Joly Casey Doucet
Lesgley Michael Muffaletto
Jean Prouvaire John Gray
Students at Café ABC Paul Burch, Jacob Wills,
Cole Howerton, Sam Arisco
Voice of Warning Kevin Doss
Major Domo Sam Arisco
Eponine Bethany Vermillion
Marius Nolan Thornal
Cosette Abigail Noah
Turning Soloists
Woman 1 Aimee McNeil
Woman 2 Kirsten Harms
Woman 3 Jade Hollier
Woman 4 Madelyn DeWall
Woman 5 Lila Grace Reynolds
Woman 6 Julia Droll
Woman 7 Tiffani Dennison
Woman 8 Lexy Fleetwood
Fantine (Understudy)* Louise Van Mook
Eponine (Understudy)* Wendi Hinson
Enjolras (Understudy)* Brandon Rhodes
Cosette (Understudy)* Jenny Slaydon
Jabert (Understudy)* Joshua Scales
Marius (Understudy)* Rico Vasquez
Featured Dancer Meeghan Falls

*Understudy will attend rehearsals for their part and after proving themselves capable of performing, in the opinion of the director, will be given at least one performance opportunity (usually a Sunday matinee performance) and ,of course, would rehearse or perform the role when the principal must be absent or is indisposed. When not singing the part in rehearsal or performance, understudy may sing and act in the cast in general.

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