The show must go on, not now but later, the entire season of shows at the Orange Community Players has been postponed after the theater suffered intense damages from the flooding waters of Harvey.

They have a long way to go in order to rebuild and once again put on productions, but dozens of local actors in Orange feel like the storm took their second home.

“It hurts,” says Dexter Broussard, a board member of the group.

“I was lucky to not have damage at my house, but I have damages in my second house, the theater,” Broussard says.

These chairs are usually full of laughter and cheering, but they are now silent, empty, and headed to the trash.

“It hurts to know that we’re not there for the community right now,” Brousard says.

Wooden beams once a witness to memories made in this venue will have to wait for a full house.

“The water sat underneath the seating and when we got here it was still sitting,” he says.

For many of the actors. performing on this stage was a getaway from reality.

“So many of our volunteers lost their homes, that was a hard hit while after losing the theater,” says Diana Hill, Vice President at Orange Community Players.

All the props are now thrown out and what some see as debris, It’s years of hard work.

“We lost material things but we didn’t lose our talent,” Hill says.

It will take time to rebuild and recover, but being able to entertain a community despite the most difficult times, is the hope the cast members are holding onto.

“At first it was devastating, but we’re all optimistic and the show must go on,” Hill says.

The board members tell 12News that they are hoping to have the damages rebuilt by next May.

It was a total of 4 different productions that were postponed and as soon as the stage is ready, the show will go on.

If you’re interested in helping out CLICK HERE for a link to their donation page.